In this fairly flat country Finland, there are people who enjoy a good adventure in the mountains.  

Aalto Mountaineering Club (AMC) exists to create a community of those who hear the call of the mountains, to boost the mountain culture and exploration and to educate, help and support our members to enjoy mountains in a safe way. Regardless which mountain sport you feel your own - rock climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, hiking, ice climbing or other alpine pursuits - everyone is welcome to join. 

We organize weekly training sessions, bouldering sessions, social events, courses, workshops, lectures and different kinds of trips for the AMC members. In the future we also aim to gather important resources and information and help students with the enormous amounts equipment many of these sports require.

"Mountains humble the human instinct.
And reveal our insignificance."


Mountains our team members have conquered in the past.

Großes Wiesbachhorn

Gran Paradiso


Mount Elbrus

Piz Boe

Peak Lenin

Mont Blanc


Upcoming events

Via Ferrata trip to Norway

A week-long trip to Norway to challenge ourselves with as many Via Ferratas as possible. Transportation by cars and a ferry and accommodation in tents.

May 2019

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No prior mountaineering experience required.